Services offered

Certified Survey Maps

These Maps are generally used when splitting your property and will be recorded at the Register of Deeds office.

Elevation Certificates

Lending Institutions will sometimes require you to obtain flood insurance if they believe you are in the flood plain. After a survey that determines the elevations on your property are above the flood plain elevation, an Elevation Certificate will be prepared. This possibly could save you hundreds of dollars every year!
Plat of Survey Maps
These maps are used  for existing parcels that you will not be dividing. This will still include surveying your property and  marking your corners. This map does not get recorded but it still goes into the County Survey Files.

Topography Surveys (map)

These maps help you to plan an improvement on your land. They will generally show elevations, existing improvements, natural features such as waterways or bluffs, property boundary and can show planned development.

Subdivision Plats

These maps are usually required when you want to divide your property into 5 or more parcels (lots). They are recorded at the Register of Deeds office.  Generally these maps must be approved by several different authorities and will take a little longer from start to finish than smaller surveys.

Property Corner Locates

If your property has been surveyed in the past, it is possible that I can locate and verify the corners previously set.  This can save you money by not performing a full blown survey. (Please note that if any corners are determined to be missing, a survey must then be performed to establish  the corner position,)

Site Maps
These maps are used to aid in new construction of buildings, wells, septic systems and additions. The purpose of this map is to show the location of  improvements in relation to the property boundary or setbacks.

If you require any surveying services that are not listed then please call me so we can meet and discuss your needs.

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